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Corporate Branding

The Gridlock Group’s Creative Services team delivers intelligent, highly imaginative branding solutions for whatever your company’s needs may be. The work that happens after a brand has been established is as important as the planning that went into establishing it in the first place. ??Supporting a corporate brand must be viewed as a continuous long-term business practice, not a short-term tactic. The development of the proper Corporate Branding for your business is always of major importance not only for the proper look and feel of your brand, but to grab the attention of your desired clientele. Let The Gridlock Group and its graphic & layout design specialists assist you in creating that perfect look for your company. We can help you create your corporate identity that will set the tone for years to come. Our design department can help you with all design desires you may have to include, but not be limited to logo, letterhead, business card, website, and office design.

Graphic & Web Design

Let our in-house graphic and web design team service all of your design needs for either print, or online use. Our experienced staff will assist you in all aspects of your design process for everything including, but not limited to website design, electronic mile invitations and newsletters, business cards, corporate logos, and flier or print invitation design.

Interior Design

Our sister company, Gavin Design Group, is always ready and willing to work with you in creating the proper “look & feel” for your special event, office location, or commercial or residential property. Led by our lead designer, Matthew Gavin, GDG has dealt with everything in the design world ranging from Private or Commercial Interiors to television and major Motion Picture design. Our vast experience, and wide range of design concepts allow them to create just about any environment desired.

Marketing & Promotions

The Gridlock Group, through its sister company Hardball productions, has vast experience in nightlife and entertainment marketing & promotions. Through weekly and special events, TGG has the unique understanding of how to produce distinctive marketing & promotional strategies and campaigns.

Our marketing and promotional campaigns provide a direct reach to our target audience, capturing their attention, and creating industry and customer awareness about our world-wide brands. From traditional to non-traditional marketing, TGG thinks out-of-the-box and creates buzz. Our in-house marketing & promotional department leads the strategy through a variety of our resources and proven methods of operations to include, but not be limited to:

  • Street Promotion
  • Public Relations
  • Online, Outdoor and Print Media
  • Television & Radio
  • Product Placement
  • Strategic Partnership Programs

Event Production

The Gridlock Group has produced events Nationwide, ranging from 250 guests in a private, intimate setting, to outdoor 2-day festival style events of up to 25,000 people.

Entertainment and Event Branding creates loyalty and awareness. It increases ROI (return on investment) and ROO (return on objectives), and builds equity. So what does this have to do with event planning? It has everything to do with creating an event that not only meets its strategic objectives, but creates an environment that supports those objectives in a memorable and exciting way.

Simply put, branding an event properly can create the impetus needed for attendees to “want” to come, to perceive the event as the “place to be,” and to spread the word so others attend…this is The Gridlock Group’s specialty.

The Gridlock production team creates the ultimate event experience that entertains and excites guests through a variety of state-of-the-art sound, lighting, video, staging, talent, and set decor.

Additional services provided by The Gridlock Group may include, but not be limited to:

  • VIP Services & Hospitality
  • Artist Booking, Travel, and Coordination
  • Venue Negotiation and Booking
  • Ticketing Services
  • Stage Management & Backline
  • Invitation Design and Print
  • Talent Booking